Hosting WarmingUp 4.0 Dedicated Server - Models A-C <img src="" align="left"/>These powerful dedicated servers are used as mission critical database server, web server for large websites, load balanced solutions, multi-datacenter solutions and virtualization. The dedicated servers will be configured according the specific requirements of the web application(s) and the level of support and maintenance that is required from NewLink. It is possible to use managed or non-managed dedicated server service. In the SLA agreement it's clearly defined who is responsible for what. NewLink makes no compromises what performance is concerned. NewLink differentiates here strongly with standard Internet Service Providers. Joris Van Avermaet 2/19/2011 Virtual Dedicated Server <img src="" align="left"/>Virtual dedicated servers is an interesting alternative for companies that don't need the full power but the full management freedom and security of a dedicated server. Joris Van Avermaet 4/2/2020 Shared Hosting <img src="" align="left"/>Professional shared Windows Server Hosting. Joris Van Avermaet 4/2/2020 Remote Office <img src="" align="left"/>"Hi... I am John. I agree at the end this is not the best choice for having my office...but you must agree that I have an hell of a view!" Nico ten Have 4/2/2020 Housing <img src="" align="left"/>A strategic place for your hardware. Nico ten Have 4/2/2020 Intel Partner <img src="" align="left"/>Since 2009 is NewLink, s.r.o Authorized Intel® Server Integrator for promoting advanced technologies in build-to-order server solutions. Nico ten Have 4/2/2020 Microsoft Partner <img src="" align="left"/>Here at NewLink we are using quite some amazing technologies (Java, Flex,...) ... but all programmers are familiar with .NET.  Nico ten Have 4/2/2020