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Dedicated Server - Model DS-B

Dedicated Server - Model DS-B

This server can be used for virtualization, database server, web server for rather large websites, load balanced solutions, mulit-data center solutions,...

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Advanced firewall

Evert server is connected to redundand NewLink firewall infrastructure. During the initial setup the configuration is determined. Traffic via the following ports are allowed:: POP3 (110), SMTP (25), HTTP (80), FTP (21), Remote Desktop (3389), MySQL (3306) en MsSQL (1433). By default not all ports are allowed. On request via E-mail of the the client certain of the higher mentioned ports will be allowed.

The fulfillment of these requests won't result in additional costs.

Contact info@newlink.eu for more information

The "Dedicated Server Hosting" service is 100% designed, operated and maintained by NewLink.